Having an exact head and/or neck size is important when ordering custom equipment. Shown below are photos and instructions on how to obtain your dog's measurements.


Your dog's exact neck size is needed when you purchase a collar from us. Our buckle collars are made with 5 strap holes. Ideally the collar should be worn on one of the 3 middle holes. When we make your collar it should fit on the middle hole. This allows your dog to move 2 holes in either direction if need be.

If you have a dog that is still growing please provide us with your dog's current neck size and make a note at checkout if you'd like us to make the collar fit on a smaller hole so your dog has room to grow into their collar.

Measuring your dog's neck size is quite simple. There are 2 ways to obtain your dog's neck size; using a flexible tape measure or measuring their existing collar. We prefer and recommend measuring your dog's neck with a flexible tape measure as it captures the exact neck size. Often times collars are worn loose so measuring the current collar can sometimes result in the collar being a little too big and not fitting on the middle hole as intended. Keep in mind that each collar will fit differently depending on the thickness of the material used to make the collar. (unfortunately we will not replace a collar that doesn't fit your dog due to incorrect neck size)

1. A flexible measuring tape can be purchased at Wal-Mart in the sewing section for a couple of dollars. You'll want to measure snug against the neck, but not too tight. It is important to take note of the area of the neck in which you're measuring. For example, if you prefer collars to rest low then you'll want to measure the low part of the neck. Be sure not to include any loose skin under the neck in your measurement.

2. Measuring your dog's current collar is done by laying out the collar on a flat surface. You will start where the fabric meets the center bar on the buckle and measure to the hole that is currently being used.

3. If your current collar has a side release buckle then you will start where the fabric meets/connects to the female end of the buckle and measure to the end of the collar including the entire male end of the buckle.


The most common need for your dog's head size is for a tag holder or martingale collar. Both of these pieces of equipment are not adjustable and therefore need to be able to slip on and off your dog's head.

The most accurate way to measure your dog's head size is by using a flexible measuring tape that can be purchased at Wal-Mart in the sewing section for a couple of dollars. You want to measure the largest part of your dog's head/skull which is typically just before the ears and goes under your dog's neck. You'll want to get a snug measurement, but not too tight. (see photo to the right)

(unfortunately we will not replace a tag holder or collar that doesn't fit your dog due to incorrect head size)